The secret of longevity at Modern British showroom launch

Modern British’s new showroom was the setting for a thought provoking event in October.

When George Gardner moved from architecture into furniture, he took a new perspective on the way that fitted and freestanding furniture is designed and crafted. He set out to design furniture with the capacity for longevity, a quality he feels is absent from the market.

George Gardner (far left) brings a fresh view to furniture-making.

At this event, which coincided with the Design Centre’s Formed With Future Heritage exhibition, he explained how an unwavering focus on distinctive design, functionality and space efficiency have been at the heart of timeless design throughout history — and should be today.

Design in practice: guests admired Mr Gardner’s work.

Guests had an opportunity to explore how Mr Gardner’s ideas are being put into practice to create highly innovative designs that are an exciting new addition the world of kitchens and furniture.

Hambledon Classic Cuvée — made near Mr Gardner’s Hampshire headquarters — was served.