The art of the bath

A collaboration between Victoria & Albert Baths and sculptor Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson is an exciting new departure in the history of bathroom design.

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson brings her ideas to life in a range of materials, including bronze, marble and resin. Exhibited all over the world, particularly in China and Japan, her striking conceptual pieces are, she says, the result of ‘an instinctive process where no thoughts can penetrate the subconscious mind and allows inspiration to flow into form’. Abstract in the purest sense of the word, her work is inspired by both the natural and the man-made; delicate bone forms, industrial architectural structures, fluidity and negative space between objects.

Ms Thompson’s works are inspired by different shapes, such as delicate bone forms or industrial architecture.

For this exciting project, it was the light and shadow on rippling water that provided artistic inspiration. ‘I live by the sea and took photographs of how it rests against the sand. It leaves beautiful, calm, flowing indents,’ she adds.

This was a new type of artistic collaboration; instead of delegating the design to the artist, the design team at Victoria & Albert Baths asked her to conceive sculptural forms that would provide inspiration for a bath, a vessel basin and podium basin. These were brought to life in Quarrycast, a world-class stone composite developed by the company to deliver unrivalled beauty and durability. It’s made from pure, white volcanic limestone that is used for other iconic pieces in the Victoria & Albert collection, including Amiata, Eldon and Ionian.

The new pieces are made of Quarrycast, a world-class, white stone composite.

Look at the history of bathroom design and there’s a tradition of form following function, with the occasional nod to classicism, Art Deco and minimalism. This landmark endeavour for the first time fuses sculptural form with beautifully conceived bathroom furniture to create a truly contemporary classic.

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