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Breathe in before you enter! One of London’s slimmest houses comes to the market

The famous 'Slim House' in the leafy suburb of Wandsworth has come up for sale.

If you’re looking for a pied-a-terre in the capital, this might be the perfect answer. Assuming you don’t mind a bit of a tight fit, that is, for The Slim House in Wandsworth is one of London’s narrowest houses. And it’s one that’s on sale via Savills for £1 million.

This extraordinary property is just 7’7″ wide. Unlike many similarly narrow houses which open out as you go further in, the thinness carries on all the way through to the back rooms and indeed the garden.

Pull up a seat! (Just be sure to breathe in first…)

Pictures can only ever give a limited impression – the vagaries of lenses and so on, particularly the wide-angled ones used by many estate agents. But as a point of reference, the Slim House is about 25% narrower than the original Austin Mini (which was just over 10ft long).

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That’s right: in the unlikely even that you managed to find a parking space outside your front door in this part of south west London (the house is on St John’s Hill, a few minutes’ stroll up the hill from Clapham Junction) your car would certainly be wider than your entire home. And that would be the case even if you owned a Smart Car. (They’re a shade under 9ft)

An original Mini (pictured actual size) (okay, so that’s not actually true, but you get the idea)

The result is inordinately disconcerting, but we’d imagine you’d get used to it.

Here’s the floorplan, incidentally. You’ll see that it’s just as narrow upstairs as down. On the plus side, at least that means there are no flying freehold issues.

On the plus side? It’s a great location, close to all Battersea’s many shops, restaurants and bars, and with easy access to central London and beyond.

On top of that, the house itself is beautifully-designed and very neatly finished – as you’d expect, considering that the previous owner called in Almanac Architects to extend and re-think the very limited space. The house was actually featured on the Channel 4 programme George Clark’s Amazing Spaces.

Take a look what they did with this bedroom, for example. Lovely job making a tiny space feel nice.

Best of all, though? When you get to that stage in life when it’s time to move out to the country, even the most modest place further down the train tracks in Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire will feel like a veritable mansion. You’ll think you’re living in Blenheim Palace.

The Slim House is for sale via Savills at £1,000,000 – see more details and pictures.