With its excellent transport connections, Winchester is becoming increasingly popular with London families who seek to improve their quality of life by moving to the country

Olda FitzGerald's book paints a vivid portrait of twenty Irish gardens and the people who created them

Mike Parkinson writtes wittily about the ups and downs of golfing with one's spouse

Not a British dish but much loved by us so it's time we embraced the Italian speciality

The market for houses in the rural idyll of Sussex never seems to slow much, as buyers take more time over their purchases this year but seem to find everything…

Largely montainous, North Wales boasts some of the best scenery in the region. Prices are steepest in the north-east, within a half-hour's drive from Chester.

General Strawson, distinguished soldier and writer, has produced a dozen or so fascinating studies of 'what might have been' if certain military decisions in history had been altered or reversed.

This book celebrates the renaissance in Irish country houses which has been recently brought about by visionary entrepreneurs and by the Irish government.

Stuffed full with interesting - if occasionally useless - gastronomic information, Alan Davidson's Oxford Companion to Food would make for the perfect bedside read, if it weren't so large a…

West Dean Gardens, in West Sussex, boasts the largest collection of fiery capsicums in Britain. Kathryn Bradley-Hole takes a tour round the chillies

Wakehurst Place, Sussex

Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex Telephone: 01444 894066. Open everyday, 10am - 4pm in winter, 10am - 7pm in summer.

If only one book on the repair and maintenance of old houses was permitted on the bookshelf, Matthew Slocombe recommends this one as an authoritative, jargon-free source of information.

Ursula Buchan's approach to gardening is witty and refreshing and her book, Good in a Bed, showcases the very best of her writing, making for a very pleasant read.

Damson and sloe gin is best made in the summer months while the fruits are at their most succulent. Chris Barber passes on his surefire recipe

Galway County Council has introduced laws to stop English-speaking settlers building new homes on the scenic Connemara coastline.

The latest figures from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister find the housing market healthy, but slowing down.

We pick one of the most popular properties on our search facility and find out a bit more about why it has proved so popular.

RICS has found that city folk are keeping the rural market buoyant as farmers, wary of the implications CAP reform may have on them, are neither buying nor selling.