The world seems to be going Black Friday barmy this week. We've picked out a few of the best deals.

Black Friday. You may love it, you may hate it, you may even despair of its very existence.

It seems that it’s here to stay, however – and to tweak a phrase, if you can’t beat them, at least get a healthy bargain from them.

Black Friday Deals

Who is offering discounts?

Many of the finest manufacturers and retailers, for reasons that are probably to do with scenes such as that in the video above, don’t get involved. Fortnum & Mason, to name one example, are not offering any deals on Friday. Harrods have also sat on the sidelines in recent years, while some retailers have even made a point of closing for the day to demonstrate their distaste.

Others, however, are running with it – with even some previously reticent shops, such as Selfridges, taking part.  John Lewis are at the forefront of the action, while House of FraserAmazon and Marks & Spencer all have good offers.

There are also plenty of smaller companies who will be offering deals as well, however.

So, to help you find what you need, here’s our pick of the best deals out there right now.

Our pick of the best Black Friday deals

Country Life Magazine – 50% off

Where else can we start but with ourselves? We’ve got a superb deal on subscriptions running all weekend, offering the magazine at half price.

The deal comes in at £85 a year (51 issues), though you can pay quarterly if you prefer (it’s £21.25 a quarter, with no price rise for at least a year).

Click here to subscribe to Country Life for half price.

Country Life covers

Oka – 15% off

The furniture and home accessories retailed has some truly beautiful items for sale. And they are offering 15% off, using the BLACKFRIDAY code on their website.

Oka is offering 15% off

Surface View – 15% off

This Reading-based firm makes prints, murals and textiles from fine art prints, drawing on a selection of over 3,000 images from the likes of the National Gallery, V&A and the British Library. Their Black Friday offer is 15% off everything.

The White Company – Everything (almost)

The clothes and home accessories shop is offering 30% off ‘almost everything’ (things already discounted seem to excluded) as of Wednesday morning, through until next Monday.

Thomas Pink – Four shirts for £200

The shirt maker is offering their  business shirts at £200 for your choice of any four – quite a price cut compared to the usual £89 each. They’re also running flash sales – at the time of writing polo shirts are reduced from £75 to £29, for example.

Thomas Pink shirts

Hotel Chocolat – 20% off

The chocolatiers are offering this 20% discount off H-boxes and sleeksters – the names refer to the shape of the boxes and arrangement of chocolates, rather than the contents!

John Lewis – Offers, plus price match

In addition to their own deals – of which there seem to be several hundred – John Lewis appear to be working overtime to try and match competitors’ prices, under their ‘Never knowingly undersold’ policy. And rather than hide things throughout the site, they’ve collected their price match items in one place.

One example that caught our eye: Apple Mac laptops with £100 off the usual price. Considering how rarely the Californian company cuts it prices, it’s worth investigating.

Marks & Spencer – over 50% off

M&S aren’t branding their sale with the ‘Black Friday’ tag , but there are still lots of big savings across their website today. We spotted several beauty products reduced well below half price, and they have some terrific offers on costumes for children’s Christmas parties.


Oka – 15% off

The furniture and home accessories retailed has some truly beautiful items for sale. And they are offering 15% off, using the BLACKFRIDAY code on their website.


La Redoute – 40% off everything

The French giant has a very generous-seeming 40% off when you enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at their online checkout. Even sale items (some already reduced by 50%) are included in the offer.

La Redoute

Selfridges – 20% off ‘Christmas Shopping’

It’s a rather vague promise, but the code provided on the ‘Christmas Comes Early’ page of the Selfridges website will knock one fifth off prices for gifts, and 10% off beauty products and perfume. The offers will be available in store as well.

Amazon – Moët & Chandon champagne

Did you know Amazon has a virtual champagne ‘shop’ within its many pages? No, nor did we. But it seems that they do, and their offer of a bottle of Moët for £23.99 (including delivery) seems hard to turn down.





What is Black Friday, and when is it?

For the uninitiated (count yourselves lucky) it’s the Friday which coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the USA, which for many years has been a major pre-Christmas shopping day across the Atlantic. Shops, of course, caught on, and began offering heavy discounts to get customers through the doors. Thus, Black Friday was born.

The idea of a big sale weekend a month before Christmas has now caught on in Britain as well – and this year Friday 25 November is the day.

How about Cyber Monday?

Once upon a time, getting a Black Friday discount meant fighting your way through hordes of highly over-excited shoppers in order to wrestle over a pullover or a lamp.

Hardly edifying. Thankfully, things have moved on somewhat.

The marvel that is internet shopping means that you can get secure your bargain with the tap of a phone screen or click of a mouse.

What’s more, online retailers have now decided that they might as well continue the bonanza throughout the weekend to finish on the following Monday. And since no good marketing idea is complete without someone trying to rename an entire day, Cyber Monday was born.