There's no point fighting against it: the John Lewis Christmas advert is a genuine tradition now. Here are the ads from John Lewis, M&S, Barbour, House of Fraser and more.


It might seem a daft thing to suggest: after all, we’re talking about an advertisement for a shop.

And yet such things do have widespread and long-lasting cultural impact: the traditional red-with-white-fur-trim outfit worn by Father Christmas was popularised by a 1930s advertisement for Coca Cola, after all.

What’s more, the production values, creativity and unabashed positive sentiment in the big stores’ Christmas adverts is hardly something to decry. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, so let’s all enjoy it any way we can.

With that in mind, here are our favourite adverts of Christmas 2017 so far:

The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017, featuing Moz The Monster

The Barbour Christmas Ad 2017, featuring The Snowman

The Waitrose Christmas Ad 2017, featuring lots and lots of snow

The M&S Christmas Ad 2017, featuring Paddington Bear

The House of Fraser Christmas Ad 2017, featuring a lifelong story

The Aldi Christmas Ad 2017, featuring Kevin the Carrot

The Argos Christmas Ad 2017, featuring high-tech elves

The Asda Christmas Advert 2017, featuring food glorious food