My week surviving on an uninhabited Scottish island

Patrick Galbraith joins the Country Life Podcast to talk about his week living on the uninhabited island of Scarba, off the west coast of Scotland.

In 2019, the journalist and author Patrick Galbraith spent a week on the uninhabited island of Scarba, a speck on the map in the Inner Hebrides.

In the course of his adventure, Patrick fished and foraged, walked and wondered, and went from moments of joy and beauty to pure misery. He came to the Country Life Podcast to tell us all about it, share some of the highs and lows, and explain what motivated him to give it a go in the first place.

You can read Patrick’s original article about his time on Scarba on the Country Life website. You can find Patrick’s book, In Search of One Last Song: Britain’s Disappearing Birds and the People Trying to Save Them, from all good bookshops.

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Episode credits

Host: James Fisher
Guest: Patrick Galbraith
Produced and edited by: Toby Keel
Music: ‘Summertime’ by JuliusH
Special thanks: Adam Wilbourn