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A dream house on Jersey with a ‘Batcave’ garage built in underneath

Perched above Gorey Harbour is a house that's remarkable even by Jersey's lofty standards – and which features a garage beneath that's probably the nearest thing you'll find to a Batcave.

De Montford House, on the market with Broadlands Jersey, enjoys a glorious elevated position overlooking this picturesque harbour and the beautiful sandy beach in Grouville Bay.

It’s a newly-built home: the original property on the site was demolished to make way for this new house, which has been designed, built and finished in sumptuous fashion (even by Jersey’s standards) and has all the latest gadgety included. You can control the house’s smart features from the other side of the world, should you so desire; or, more practically, you can turn up the air condition / heating while you’re waiting at Gatwick for the hop across the channel.

There’s an indoor pool beneath the roof terrace, with glass sections in the terrace floor (or pool ceiling depending on how you look at it) to let in light below – and, we suppose, offer views from above.

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Beyond that are a cinema room, gym, three lavishly-appointed bedroom suites and separate accommodation for either guests or staff.

What caught our eye most, however, is the underground garage with room for at half a dozen or more of the supercars so often seen speeding around Jersey’s roads.

Built into the hillside below the house, it’s the next best thing to having a Batcave beneath your home – the perfect place to keep your collection of classics in pristine condition. How nice not to have to worry about putting up the roof on your vintage 1960s Ford Mustang every time you come home…



Batman and Robin had to make do with a fireman’s pole, but De Montford House has a lift (which also goes to all the other floors of the house).

The house looks across to one of Jersey’s finest landmarks, the 13th century Mont Orgueil castle, which is now used as a museum and wedding venue.

Beyond that, France is so close as to be comfortably in view from the house – and with the harbour almost at your feet, it’s ludicrously easy to get across.

“It is also only 14 miles to Carteret,” says Roger Trower of the selling agents, Broadlands. “You could have a boat moored in the harbour and be in Carteret for lunch in less than half an hour!”

See more details about the house on the Broadlands website.