Clive Aslet

Clive Aslet

Clive is a writer and commentator on architecture and British life, who began work at Country Life in 1977 — he was editor of the magazine from 1993-2006, becoming the PPA’s Editor of the Year. He has also written many books, including The Edwardian Country House and The American Country House. His first novel The Birdcage was published in 2014.

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A firefighter surveys the scene after a fire

Just thinking about it is enough to get any country-house owner hot under the collar, but when it comes to fire, prevention is key.

london in fragments

The River Thames throws up treasure and trinkets with delightful regularity, each telling a little bit more about the history of London.

kinross house feature new

The restoration of the wonderful Kinross House was very much informed by the spirit of its original owner, finds Clive Aslet.