Property in Northern Ireland

Scarred by decades of Troubles, Northern Ireland was unpopular for decades, but as the peace process moves forward slowly, we can see buyers returning to the area to snap up…

Property in the Highlands

Remote and magnificent, the Highlands of Scotland are the perfect choice for property buyers with a passion for outdoor pursuits.

Property in Surrey

As Surrey became increasingly popular from the second-half of the 19th-century, it attracted leading architects of the time, such as Lutyens, who designed many of the county's late-Victorian and Edwardian…

Property in Suffolk

Despite its proximity to London, Suffolk still retains its sleepy rural air. Rich in good-sized family houses, it boasts some of England's most charming towns

Property in Shropshire

Large estates are still a feature of the Shropshire countryside. Prices are still favourable in comparison with the South-East, although lack of supply can push them up

Property in Gloucestershire

One of the most sought-after counties in England, Gloucestershire is given added appeal by the fact that both the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne have made their homes there

Property in Central Scotland

Central Scotland boasts a number of small farmhouses and large castles, but manse or factor's houses, the equivalent to the English rectory, are relatively scarce and command a premium

Property in South West Scotland

The unspoilt countryside and mild climate of South West Scotland have attracted the interest of country house buyers. Property prices are steeper near major towns and good transport links

Property in Co. Durham

Even though parts are industrialised, the county of Durham still has many rural areas, and some of the best open riding and walking country in England.

Property in Cumbria

The most sought-after properties in Cumbria are situated in the Lake District, where any house fronting one of the lakes commands an instant premium

Escape to Tuscany

Tuscany has never been more popular with British buyers but good houses are in short supply and restoration can often prove cumbersome.

Property in the Scottish Borders

The Borders has always had an active housing market but lately prices have gone through the roof, as a spillover from the Edinburgh booom moves south down the A7 and…

Venice Sizzles

Carla Passino finds the buyers' market in Venice a tough one as Italians increasingly choose to invest in property.

Tips on lead roofing

Lead plays an all-important part in traditional British building. Matthew Slocombe demands that we accept no substitutes.

COUNTRY LIFE Elite Property Index

Penny Churchill analyses the index of country houses advertised in COUNTRY LIFE in 2000-01, a period of unprecedented prices and levels of activity at the top of the British property…

Life and Sol of the Balearics

There is far more to the Balearic Islands than is commonly perceived: Arabella Youens sheds new light on these surprisingly varied isles.

Spain and the Balearics

Despite the events of September 11, the Spanish property market is booming and, in particular, recent close scrutiny by German tax authorities has meant that opportunities to buy in Mallorca…

Trematon Castle On The Market

The Duke of Cornwall, otherwise known as the Prince of Wales, has put Trematon Castle near Plymouth up for rent. However the lease will last for only 14 years, when…

Property Hotspots: Winchester

With its excellent transport connections, Winchester is becoming increasingly popular with London families who seek to improve their quality of life by moving to the country