Country houses for sale

Country Life’s best property stories of 2021

We take a look back on the most popular property stories of the year from the Country Life website.

The ‘most remote house in England’ up for sale, accessible only via 4×4 or hours of hiking

A real gem arrived in the Country Life office in September: details of a simply incredible property in Cumbria which truly justified the use of the phrase ‘middle of nowhere’. Astonishing.

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An incredibly rare chance to buy your own Iron Age hillfort with ‘significant archaeological, conservational and ecological value’

Unusually it’s a property that doesn’t even include a house that takes second spot on our list this year: the chance to own a true piece of history clearly proved hugely alluring to readers this year. Even if — and perhaps particularly because — it really wasn’t entirely clear what a buyer would have to gain, beyond the ability to safeguard a beautiful and unique place.

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One of Britain’s grandest — and certainly one of the largest — country houses is up for sale

In July, the truly extraordinary — and absolutely massive — Trafalgar Park went on the market, and Penny Churchill filed a piece telling its fascinating tale: that of ‘the Flying Dutchman of the property world, endlessly seeking an owner and being sold on while the fabric slowly decayed.’

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Inside Britain’s privately owned villages

Surprising as it may sound, there are still privately owned villages scattered throughout the UK. Back in March, Alec Marsh took a look at them and wondered what it’s really like to be at the helm of a community.

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A 15th century Scottish castle for sale at just £650,000 that’s been in the same family for over 470 years

Was it the intriguing history which grabbed the attention in this piece? The thought that a family could successfully hang on to anything other than their name over the course of half a millennium? Or the promise of a romantic, crumbling pile at suburban money?

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An entire village beside a lake, for sale at just £125,000 — but you’ll have to share it with the local ghost

On the banks of Loch Tay, the Old Village of Lawers came up for sale in June with an eye-catching price — and a hair-raising history.

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A country house in Kent once battered by storms and neglected by rock-and-roll royalty, now restored and on the market

In one of the most charming corners of Kent lies Heronden Hall, a once-neglected house that has been brilliantly returned to life — particularly in the games room, with billiard table and suit of armour which make it look like a set from a classic whodunnit.

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An utterly enchanting Georgian home in the Borders, with both a pool house and a hen house, with a price tag of £750,000

It was just last month that this one came in: Tanlaw House is an idyllic family home that’s close to the lovely town of Kelso and commutable distance to Edinburgh. Not that you’d want to leave home that often, from the looks of the place.

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A very pretty Cotswolds stone cottage in the heart of a sought-after village, with an exciting opportunity in the garden

A simply perfect Cotswold home with huge garden and a pool would have been enticing enough on its own, but this place also came with a full-height double garage and two-storey stone stable crying out for new lease of life.

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A hidden delight in the North Yorkshire National Park that has easy access to the seaside town of Whitby and the Yorkshire Moors

With the escape to the country – or the race for space, if you prefer — dominating the property market this year, it was no surprise to see this fabulous slice of Yorkshire strike a chord, especially considering that it has moorland views yet is just 10 minutes from the beach.

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Best country houses for sale this week

An irresistible West Country cottage and a magnificent Cumbrian country house make our pick of the finest country houses for