Island Rising

Mallorca has become Spain’s latest investment hot spot. Arabella Youens examines the meteoric ascent in Balearic values

Dream Properties Abroad

Take a short stroll through our pickings of the most beautiful properties currently for sale all round the world.

Become a Costa Commuter

Many areas of Spain are increasingly attracting affluent, young professionals who wish to live in the sun while continuing to work in the UK

Time for some

Your dreams of a property in the Caribbean may finally be within reach thanks to the strong pound

Join the Party

There are some truly exceptional properties to be found on the market in Europe, if you know where to look.


Provence still has plenty to offer, in stunning surroundings with lots of choice.

Buying Property in Spain

The market in Spain offers variety and value for money, but you need to know what's what. Here are our top tips for buying a Spanish home.

Break For The Lakes

Demand for property near the Italian Lakes is strong, and early-19th century mansions are virtually priceless althuogh more reasonable houses can be found in the southern Alps.

Maryland’s Haven on Earth

In contrast with the longer-established resorts on Long Island or in Massachussetts, Maryland attracts discreetly affluent urban buyers.

You Can Still Gain in Spain

Buy a rural property well away from the coast, or choose a coastal area within a protected national park which can never be developed, and you won't go wrong in…

Gibraltar Defies The Odds

Agents are ‘amazed’ at the number of would-be purchasers lining up to buy in Gibraltar, as properties available are rising in both price and quality.

Civilised Italy

Country-loving Britons have sought refuge in the northern Italian hills for years—and still they come. Why? Look to the euro, and to the landscape, and to the wonder-cities nearby.

Lucca: the New Chianti?

From the vineyards threading between Florence and Siena to the popular 'Chianti-shire' and growingly-recognised Lucchesia, Carla Passino locates the varied, but universally desirable hotspots of the Tuscan property market.

Escape to Tuscany

Tuscany has never been more popular with British buyers but good houses are in short supply and restoration can often prove cumbersome.

Venice Sizzles

Carla Passino finds the buyers' market in Venice a tough one as Italians increasingly choose to invest in property.

Spain and the Balearics

Despite the events of September 11, the Spanish property market is booming and, in particular, recent close scrutiny by German tax authorities has meant that opportunities to buy in Mallorca…

Spain: Still the Best Investment

With a constant rate of growth in the number of foreign residents looking to buy second homes, Spain, and particularly Mallorca are wise choices for investment, agree estate agents in…