Country houses for sale

An eight-bedroom mansion on the shores of Loch Ness for the price of a one-bedroom flat in South London

Foyer's Bay is a majestic 19th century home set in beautiful grounds beside Loch Ness at a price which might prove irresistible for those looking to escape to the country. Or from the country. Either way.

In these confusing times, when nobody quite knows what sort of country – or indeed continent – we’re living in, the idea of jacking in the metropolitan life and moving to a remote, idyllic spot seems ever more appealing. Who needs 24-hour rolling news when you can look outside and see red squirrels playing on the lawn? Who could summon the will to fret about trading blocs when a hike in the mountains, lakes and forests beckons? And why bother about the untangling of half a century of financial and political symbiosis when you could mix a hot toddy and sink into a comfy armchair by the fire?

Opting out seems all the more straightforward in the case of Foyer’s Bay House, a glorious, eight-bedroom Victorian mansion situated a few yards from the shores of Loch Ness, for sale at the staggering price of £490,000. That’s roughly the cost of a pied-a-terre in Kennington of the sort used by most MPs staying in London to ‘manage’ our future relationship with the world.

It wouldn’t be entirely straightforward, since Foyer’s Bay House could do with a bit of work. It’s presently run as a B&B, with fittings and furniture to match; it could certainly be kept as such, but could equally be changed back into a grand country home.

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As well as the wealth of rooms there is a separate stone byre, a conservatory and a balcony from which you can gaze across the acres of gardens and try to spot Nessie.

Scottish weather being what it is, the balcony won’t always be an option – but the large lounge will be just as welcome a spot, with its bay window overlooking the front garden again enjoying the lovely views and an open fire sitting upon a tiled fireplace with an ornate wooden hearth.

It’s the sort of place you’d just love to have guests. There’s a bar in the corner of the lounge, while the attached conservatory has a small kitchen area to make this an ideal house for entertaining. Or escaping from the world. Or perhaps a bit of both.

Foyer’s Bay House is for sale via Bell Ingram at £490,000 – see more pictures and details.