Architects’ Biographies

Willoughby Gerrish, Florence Heaton-Renshaw and Thomas Ravenscroft take us on a biographical tour of some of the most well-known architects this country has ever seen.

England’s Best Medieval Bridges

Fifty of the best medieval bridges in England, selected for by David Harrison, author of The Bridges of Medieval England

Work Commences on Wentworth

Work Commences on Wentworth

A £15 million restoration project has begun on the conservatory at the Wentworth Estate in Yorkshire, one of the country's most fragile structures.

Easton Neston Art to be Sold

A significant portion of the Hesketh-Fermor family's peerless art collection will be sold later this year at Easton Neston in one of the most exciting auctions of the last 20

Architect of the Future

Gregory Phillips, award winning architect and interior designer, has reconfigured the concept of the British house.

Build a good new house in the country

Prime sites are being sold with planning permission for grand new manor houses, but it is not necessary to spend millions to build your own rural retreat

Save Gwrych Castle

Save Gwrych Castle

Once a splendid 19th-century Gothic castle, Gwrych has been reduced to a shell by squatters, vandals and arson. An 18-year-old history student is spearheading a campaign to restore it.

St. Valentine’s Shrine

The largest church in Dublin houses the relics of St.Valentine, often visited in the month of February.

Castle Howard, Yorkshire

Few of the many visitors who enjoy Castle Howard's splendid architecture and collections realise that, following a devastating fire in 1940, the house's future was at stake

Melrose House, Somerset

Rescued from semi-dereliction five years ago and sensitively restored, Melrose House is a handsome example of a prosperous 17th-century merchant's town house. Recent research has revealed that it was innovative…