Best pheasant recipes

You don’t have to endure a dry pheasant ever again. Mark Hix reveals simple ways to delicious game birds

lamb recipes

Tom Aikens’s roast leg of lamb

This is an exciting time of year for chefs with the arrival of all the delicious young vegetables and salads. Tom shares his recipe for roast lamb.

Perfect birthday party food

Tom Aikens celebrates his birthday with a sinful cake and delicious party food including sweet and sour chicken wings and chocolate ice cream

The ultimate Sunday roast

Tom Aitkins celebrates one of Britain's favourite meals, the Sunday roast, and its ability to bring the family together and make the most of local ingredients

perfect roast lamb

The perfect roast lamb

Simple, dramatic, and ideal for spring, this roast lamb recipe is guaranteed to impress.

Light apple cake

An apple cost Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden, and caused the siege of Troy in Homer's Iliad. Find out what is so irresistible about this simple yet luscious…

Seed cake

Very popular with the Victorians, this cake fell out of favour in the Edwardian era - which is a pity because it is exquisite.

Saffron cake

A Cornish speciality which brings welcome relief from the pasty.

Madeira cake

Surprisingly, this cake is a light concoction of flour and lemon and does not contain a single drop of Madeira. It is so called because it was traditionally enjoyed with…