Choosing the right school for your children is something into which many parents put an enormous amount of effort. From pre-preparatory schooling up, making sure that your kids are happy, settled and enjoying their experiences is, unsurprisingly, a high priorty for many parents now that the world of university and work is so competitive.

The choices can be baffling: independent schools have changed a good deal in just a generation. Fewer children are boarding, and more are coming home for the weekends, while parents are much more hands on than they were a few years ago, keen to live close school so they can attend everything from rugby matches to art exhibitions.

Would your child flourish in a creative, free-thinking school or do they require a robust academic environment to enable their best efforts? Would they like to board for long periods or would you have them at home?

Below we have addressed some of these questions, alongside the broader questions of how to choose the right school for your child, the best schools for pony-mad children, how much to spend and at what stage of their education, the best London prep schools and much much more, to help parents to naviagte the world of independent schools in the UK.

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