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Interview: Michael Winner

As a leading council member of the Kensington Society, Michael Winner has fought to preserve historic homes from developers’ bulldozers including his own home, Woodland House

England’s Finest Parsonage

In this search for England’s finest vicarage or rectory, John Goodall explains the importance and appeal of these quintessential English buildings

Interview: Ed Vaizey

The Oxford-educated barrister turned MP is keen to champion the contribution of private owners of historic houses to the field of preservation of heritage

Interview: Bishop of London

Bishop Chartres is very much a champion of special tradition, finds Jeremy Musson. He has spent years resisting the closure of City churches and believes parishes can use them to…

Robert Graves Museum

The poet, Robert Graves, moved to Mallorca in 1929 where he set up home in the village of Deia. His house has now been opened to the public as a

Georgian Group winners

A house rescued from near collapse in the Shetland Isles and a former cotton mill in a rundown area of Manchester were two of the projects recognised for their exemplary…

Interview: John Julius Norwich

Jeremy Musson talks to the chairman of the World Monuments Fund in Britain who discovered a love of architecture while a junior diplomat in Cold War Belgrade

The Genius is Gunton Park

Jeremy Musson reveals the winner of the 2007 Country Life/Savills Gennius of the Place Award - Gunton Park in Norfolk

Houses to visit South East

Jeremy Musson recommends country houses to visit in the South East and East Anglia as published in his book: 'How to Read a Country House'

Natural outdoor pools

Swimming in fresh water is more exhilarating than in a chlorine-filled box. Anna Tyzack talks to an aquatic ecologist who is determined to break the trend of eighties-style swimming pools.

Genius of the place award

Jeremy Musson introduces the 2007 Country Life award for the best restored or revived landscape setting for a country house, sponsored by Savills