Housing a modern art collection

Period houses not always the ideal backdrop for contemporary art so country house owners are devising new bespoke spaces, or properties, to house their collections

Historic interiors, new furniture

You don't necessarily have to replicate historic furniture for historic interiors; after all past generations filled their houses with inherited furniture from different periods

Dream Room: The Study

The study is a sanctuary of peace and quiet which individuals make entirely their own, although a desk, light source and a comfortable chair are prerequisites

Create your dream kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the country house and its importance only grows. We begin our new series on some of the attractive and practical rooms in Britain with…

Gas Lighting in Victorian times

The Victorians were pleased to be able to control gas more than the wax candles of Georgian times, although it wasn’t always the safest method of lighting the house

How to decorate your house

Our latest bloggers from Projectbook explain that it pays to be prepared if you’re about to start decorating with paint or wallpaper

Shutters and country houses

They keep the heat in and the light (and burglars) out. Shutters are a great asset for a country house-provided you install the right ones, says Carla Passino

How to interior design a period property

A successful interior is one that comfortably blends the twenty-first century with a sensitivity for the period style, without descending into period pastiche.