Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves can help cut heating costs in country houses, says Catherine Milner

Window and Glass Gazing

Glass manufacturing methods dictated the size and style of windows for buildings, says Ptolemy Dean

Hidden Homes in Tuscany

Tuscany’s olive groves, hill-top citadels and hidden valleys are as magical in January as they are in July. Anna Tyzack visits a restored Tuscan estate.

Property guide to Somerset

Somerset's proximity to London is no longer the issue it once was, and as people look outside of the increasingly crowded south east, this county is becoming vastly more popular…

A Second Home in Switzerland

Many people looking for a second home abroad consider ease of transit and security of great importance. Those who love the drama of the Alps as well could do worse…

RICS reports Price Rises

November saw rising house prices and a new wave of buyer confidence, according to RICS, who expect this trend to continue into the New Year

Sandy Mitchell: Trouble with the chimney

Sandy's house renovation is going well, apart from the neverending ranks the mice send forth in an attempt to conquer the kitchen, and, of course, the chimney

Pre Budget Report Packs a Punch

Pre Budget Report Packs a Punch

The Chancellor had some surprises in the Pre Budget Report for those who expected to be able to invest in property and fine wines to put towards their pensions